One of our Graffiti By Design ads

Graffiti by Design uses ‘forced reading’ ads like these in bathrooms where you have a captive audience for maximum exposure.

Frequently asked questions about our Indoor Advertising:

What do you mean by a “Captive Audience”?
Graffiti ads are located in bathroom stalls and elevators.  Your audience has nowhere to go for a while and can spend time viewing your message.

What does “up close and personal” mean?
You generate higher recall.  Unlike advertising that is limited in time and space, your Graffiti ad is long enough to give a short sales pitch.

What is a “Target Demographic”?
With Graffiti ad locations, you can target your audience’s age, gender, and lifestyle.

What is “Forced Reading” Advertising?
When you have A Captive Audience’s undivided attention and nothing else to do.